Scent Marketing

In different businesses, nice fragrances are used as a multi-sectional marketing strategy to promote customer experiences of a specific place. It allows customers to make good memories.

Organizational Scent

R&D department of Safa Rayehe Company has made many researches on impacts of different scents on individuals` performance, relying on different scientific resources and close relations with perfume manufacturing laboratories in France.

Safa Rayehe Company grants you higher quality and competitive prices. simplicity beyond what you can imagine.
Our technical teams in Iran and France are open to answer your questions regarding manufacturing.
We stand by you to choose the best fragrance for your brand

Our Services

Consultancy department of Safa Raheye Company has been founded to present technical consults in the field of supplying essences to be used in detergents, and cosmetics industries. Establishment of such a department was a must considering the needs of mentioned industries to technical consults. This department plays an important role in promoting technical sciences and choosing the desired fragrance for customers, due to close interactions with perfumers of several French companies and favoring experienced personnel

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